The Location of The FireDrome



A while ago, we started to look for the right place where the Lord wanted us to build His FireDrome. So, He took us on a journey (in the natural) and while driving on this main road, it was as if the Lord told us to turn down a specific road.

We found ourselves on the most wondrous piece of land, mostly untouched by human hand. The owner visits this place only once in a while, but this day it was as if he was waiting for us. When we told him our business, it turned out that he had more or less the same vision for this land.

The site boasts it’s own water source and has a tarred landing strip that could accommodate light planes up to Lear Jet size. 

We are in the process of securing this ± 2,400 acres of land. Eventually, there will be the FireDrome, The Daniël Healing Centre and Visitors’ Lodge, and only when the land is secure, the exact location will be revealed.

See “THE PROJECT” for details about The FIREDROME.



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