The FireDrome Project


(Exodus 27:1) And thou shalt make an altar of shittim wood, five cubits long, and five cubits broad; the altar shall be foursquare: and the height thereof shall be three cubits.

(Exodus 30:2) A cubit shall be the length thereof, and a cubit the breadth thereof; foursquare shall it be: and two cubits shall be the height thereof: the horns thereof shall be of the same.

(Rev 21:13)  On the east three gates; on the north three gates; on the south three gates; and on the west three gates.

(Rev 21:14)  And the wall of the city had twelve foundations, and in them the names of the twelve apostles of the Lamb.

(Rev 21:15)  And he that talked with me had a golden reed to measure the city, and the gates thereof, and the wall thereof.

(Rev 21:16)  And the city lieth foursquare, and the length is as large as the breadth: and he measured the city with the reed, twelve thousand furlongs (2,400 Km).  The length and the breadth and the height of it are equal.

(Eze 48:31)  And the gates of the city shall be after the names of the tribes of Israel: three gates northward; one gate of Reuben, one gate of Judah, one gate of Levi.

(Eze 48:32)  And at the east side four thousand and five hundred: and three gates; and one gate of Joseph, one gate of Benjamin, one gate of Dan.

(Eze 48:33) And at the south side four thousand and five hundred measures: and three gates; one gate of Simeon, one gate of Issachar, one gate of Zebulun.

(Eze 48:34)  At the west side four thousand and five hundred, with their three gates; one gate of Gad, one gate of Asher, one gate of Naphtali.

(Eze 48:35)  It was round about eighteen thousand measures: and the name of the city from that day shall be, The LORD is there.


The design is inspired by the Holy Spirit and evolved through

visions, prophecy and scripture


The FireDrome buildings consist of the large Drome (in the centre of the picture) and 3 smaller pyramids on it’s western side. The smaller pyramids house the electrical services, maintenance and cold room storage. There are no visible windows and the doors will be blood red against the smooth white aluminium sheeting of the walls.  Windows are hidden behind parapets and 4 lasers will complete the pyramid configuration.

On the eastern side of the Drome, a piece of the car park can be seen, as well as the baptismal area and a lake for the wild life.

Water supply is from on site bore holes. Electricity is generated by (a) photo voltaic cells on the roof and (b) 8 wind-driven turbines hidden in the parapets.

Natural lighting and ventilation is by means of roof lights.

The red dot at the rear of the Drome, is the heli-pad.

The entrance of the Great Pyramid is on the Northern side. The FireDrome is half the scale of the Great Pyramid in Egypt and also a mirror image. The reason being that here, in the Southern hemisphere, we see a mirror image of Orion’s belt. This places the main entrance of the FireDrome on the Southern side of the building.

There are 3 entrances on each side of the FireDrome, totalling 12 entrances.

Watch this space for more design drawings of The FireDrome


When the Israelites came out of Egypt, the Lord blessed them with riches.....,

(Exodus 12:35)  And the children of Israel did according to the word of Moses; and they asked of the Egyptians jewels of silver, and jewels of gold, and raiment.

(Exodus 12:36)  And the LORD gave the people favour in the sight of the Egyptians, so that they let them have what they asked. And they despoiled the Egyptians.

(Exodus 35:5)  Take ye from among you an offering unto the LORD, whosoever is of a willing heart, let him bring it, the LORD'S offering: gold, and silver, and brass;

(Exodus 35:6)  and blue, and purple, and scarlet, and fine linen, and goats' hair;

(Exodus 35:7)  and rams' skins dyed red, and sealskins, and acacia-wood;

(Exodus 35:8)  and oil for the light, and spices for the anointing oil, and for the sweet incense;

(Exodus 35:9)  and onyx stones, and stones to be set, for the ephod, and for the breastplate.

(Exodus 35:10)  And let every wise-hearted man among you come, and make all that the LORD hath commanded:

(Exodus 35:11)  the tabernacle, its tent, and its covering, its clasps, and its boards, its bars, its pillars, and its sockets; ....................

(Eph 3:17-19)  That Christ may dwell in your hearts by faith; that ye, being rooted and grounded in love, may be able to comprehend with all saints what is the breadth, and length, and depth, and height; and to know the love of Christ, which passeth knowledge, that ye might be filled with all the fulness of God.